Float Supply Is Changing The Way Float Centers And Spas Look At Their Water

Float Supply in partnership with Peroxysan™ is helping float centers and spas around North America keep their clients safe. We offer a stabilized H₂0₂ product, Peroxysan™, that is safe for the environment, your clients, and reduces the use of other harmful chemicals, thus helping you lowering your chemical bill.

The One-Step Water Treatment

PeroxysanTM is a proprietary blend of natural environmentally friendly products when combined create a stronger oxidizer than chlorine and yet is much safer for your health.

It is an easy to use, one-step water treatment system for hot tubs, spas, float pods and swimming pools. As an alternative to the use of chlorine and bromine, PeroxysanTM acts as an oxidize/reducer and does not require the use of any other chemicals.

  • Oxidation/Reduction Treatment of Water
  • Helps Clean Your Filters
  • No Additional Chemicals Required
  • Easily Monitored With Test Strips
  • Must Maintain 100 ppm at all times

Peroxysan™ Is Safe For Your Clients



Completely toxic-free in hot tub water even when treated water is ingested


Natural Byproduct

Breaks down into water and oxygen in hot tub creating no toxic chemicals


Safe On Skin

Safe for prolonged skin contact without drying skin

It’s Naturally Produced By Our Bodies

So why is Peroxysan™ safe? Peroxysan™ uses a proprietary formulation comprising hydrogen peroxide and a non-toxic additive. Hydrogen peroxide itself decomposes in water whose only byproducts are water and oxygen, making Peroxysan™ completely safe – it’s designed with your safety in mind. Hydrogen peroxide is naturally produced within our own human cells, specifically within peroxisomes, as part of our own body’s immune system keeping us safe.

In fact, hydrogen peroxide is classified as a high-level oxidizer. When you add it to your hot tub, it will leave your hot tub clean, clear and pristine just like these users have testified.

What People Are Saying About Peroxysan™

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