Peroxysan™ Plus


Peroxysan™ Plus is an environmentally friendly, 19% hydrogen peroxide solution, with an added stabilizer to offset rapid dissipation experienced by commercial H₂O₂. Peroxysan™ Plus can replace most, if not all, of your current water maintenance chemicals, saving you time and money.

Using Peroxysan™ Plus in your float center can save you $2500/tank per year.

Don’t forget your test strips!

Includes 4 one gallon jugs of Peroxysan™ Plus



About Peroxysan™ Plus

Peroxysan™ Plus is a proprietary blend of natural, environmentally friendly products, when combined create a stronger oxidizer than chlorine and yet is much safer for your health.

Chemical Features:
  • One-Step Watertreatment
  • Oxidation/Reduction Treatment of Water
  • Easily Monitored With Test Strips
  • No Additional Chemicals Required
More Information:

Peroxysan™ Plus is your safest alternitive to traditional watertreatment options availble today. It can be used for float tanks, pools, hot tubs, and anything hydrogen peroxide can be used for. There is potential for drastic cost savings for your business when using a stablized H₂O₂ like Peroxysan™.

Important Documents:

Peroxysan™ Plus MSDS

Additional information

Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 9 x 9 in


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