Chlorine is the new Smoking

Are you using chlorine in your float center? Did you know you may be putting your clients at risk?chlorine-danger-signs

With research on the rise about the adverse effects of chlorine, doctors have revealed tests that show using chemicals like chlorine and bromine can cause serious health complications and possibly death.

Your Body Could Be Adversely Affected

If you use chlorine in your float pods you and your clients could develop a skin rash, breathing problems, other health symptoms or even if they don’t exhibit any symptoms at all, your float pod could eventually put them at risk. If you’re concerned then this message is for you. Here’s why.

Recent advances in the treatment of water prove to be just as effective as chlorine without the harmful effects. And this solution is available right now.

In fact, ignoring the dangers of chlorine when a new and safe solution is available needlessly undermines the health of your clients.

Scientists revealed that prolonged exposure to chlorine or bromine cleansers has proven to increase the risk of cancer, respiratory and other health issues. Chlorine and bromine belong in a family of chemicals called halogens. When exposed to skin and other organic material, halogen chemicals react creating dangerous carcinogens.

The more you are exposed to these halogens, the more you increase your risk of developing cancer. Gases emitted from these halogens when exposed to water, can cause significant respiratory problems.

Most People Try Alternatives They Think Are Safe

Most hot tub owners look to the latest methods such as salt and even “natural” methods but they soon discover none of that works.

  • What they don’t know is that salt breaks down in water with chlorine created as a byproduct. They soon realize that they’re right back with the same problem.
  • They try a more “natural” method to cleaning their hot tub but they discover that it is difficult to maintain and never really know how effective it is. The solution is just too impractical and doesn’t work.

And what happens if they do nothing? They continue to expose themselves to the risks of these dangerous chemicals.